SN197A-Adult-Ski Snowboard Goggles

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❆ High Performance Lens: Snowledge excellent Ski Goggles with 100% UV protection and Anti-fogging & Anti-scratch performance.

❆ Magnetic and buckle system: Our patented products, the perfect combination of magnetic and buckle technology. Make them hold the lens tight and easy to for replacement and cleaning.

❆ Detachable Lens System: Snowledge provides spare lenses with different colors, suitable for different weather conditions and personal preference when skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports.

❆ Professional ventilation & Frameless design: Designed to reduce fogging and optimizes the flowing air over the inside of the lens.

❆ Helmet compatible & adjustable strap: The extra long adjustable strap allows for helmet compatibility with any helmet and makes these the perfect goggles for both men, women & youth.